Prescription Pads

We are glad to provide prescription pads to our referring physicians. However, due to the number of physician groups and hospitals that have converted to Electronic Medical Records Systems, we no longer make unsolicited stocking deliveries. If you would like pads or need a re-supply please contact our nearest office or simply contact our O&P Coordinator and we will be happy to have them delivered.

Continued Education

We offer a number of presentations explaining the services that we provide to our patients and the health care professionals that we work with as well as detailed explanations of the various orthotic and prosthetics devices we provide. We are happy to schedule a visit to your office and make these presentations, many of which are approved for CEU credit by the Virginia Physical Therapist Association.

Peer Visits and Consults

Many times, it can be helpful for a new amputee or someone contemplating an amputation to be able to speak with another amputee. Hearing how their amputation improved or possibly saved their lives can be comforting to those who have just undergone or are about to undergo an amputation. An amputee peer can explain how they have adapted to limb loss and help instill in new amputees the confidence that they too will regain their lives and move on. We have several amputee employees who act as peers. We are often asked by physicians and friends to meet with patients and we are glad to do this. We can arrange to do this at one of our offices or at a hospital if necessary.

Patient Information Pack

We deliver an information packet whenever our practitioners make an initial visit to a patient who has undergone an amputation or when meeting with someone contemplating an amputation. Information can be as comforting as it is educational and the patient packs contain a variety of general information about prosthetics as well as a guide on what to expect as an amputee and a list of reference sources.

Please feel free to request the following information and services for your patients at any time. Just contact any of our offices to request delivery.


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